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Thomas Watson Hackle Stella Heckle Orlin K. Fletcher Lt. George Heckle Orlin, Mary, and George Fletcher


The Hackle/Hackel/Heckle Family Album

         The photos in this album focus on the descendants of John Edward Hackle b. about 1832 and Tolbert Edward Hackle b. about 1827. There are also photos from two other branches of the Hackle family, Anna Ursula Heckel, born 1746, who married John Michael Hindsman, and Henry Heckle, born 1810, the son of Christopher and Nancy Heckle of Augusta, Richmond County, GA. Descendants of these early arrivals to Ebenezer, about 25 miles north of Savannah along the Savannah River, became acquainted with one another in 2003 during the first Hackle Branch Reunion. This year (2006) marks the 4th annual reunion, held so far in or near Swainsboro and Summertown, 12 miles north of Swainsboro. At one time our branches all passed through this area, some staying their entire lives. Members have kindly shared their old photos and you will find a selection of photos from the last 3 reunions as well. They will one day be considered old time pictures too! We have learned interesting facts about the Hackles over the past 4 years as well as the circumstances of how, when and why our ancestors chose to leave the comfort of their families, their villages, and indeed their homeland to embark on an adventure by transports that traveled several months to secure new opportunities and the freedom to follow their own religious beliefs. Most of the Hackles settled in many counties of Georgia, but a few ventured into Florida, Alabama and even to Texas and Arizona. You will see the surname spelled several different ways, but the most common spellings today are Hackle/Hackel/Heckle. The German spelling was Haeckel.





Heckel Crest

Although our family arrived in America between 1738 and 1752, this is the earliest crest that could be located, about 1792. Photo provided by Earl McKee.






Heckle Cattle Brand

John Heckel of Ebenezer entered and recorded his Ear Mark-the right crop and in the left a slit. His brand as per Margent Savannah 20 Sept 1755. He was a Swabian from Langenau by Ulm and arrived on the 15th (last) transport in November 1752. This refers to Johan Georg Heckel who, early on, was listed as John Heckel in records. About 1850 the Heckel surname began to be referred to as Hackle or Hackel in official documents and different limbs spelled the surname in different ways.  






Ebenezer Church and Community

This church was built by the residents of Ebenezer, Effingham County, Georgia from 1767-1769. This is still an active Lutheran church today. It is the oldest standing church in Georgia. It is documented that General Sherman and his troops used this church as a refuge as he made his march across Georgia to Savannah. His men were said to have used the sanctuary pews for sleeping, , supplies were stored here and the fence surrounding the church was burned for firewood during his stay here.  







The bricks used to build this church were handmade and the fingerprints of the workers can be seen in some of the bricks. Johann Georg Heckel was only 32 at this time and surely he helped in the construction of this church. This was only a few years before he married Hannah Margaret Heinrich, who arrived at Ebenezer in 1738 aboard the second transport with her parents and four sisters and a brother.   






Inside of Ebenezer Church

This church still holds weekly Lutheran services in Rincon, the location of the church. It looks very much like it did when Johann Georg and his wife Margaretha worshipped here in the 1770’s.   






Ebenezer Homes

The community of Ebenezer consisted of houses such as this laid out in squares with parks between the streets, patterned after the layout of the city of Savannah  






Typical Ebenezer House

This house (the front portion) along with the part in the back shown in the previous photo was the last house standing in the community of Ebenezer and was moved to this location from a short distance away on the banks of the Savannah River, near Rincon, Georgia . It sits where the first orphanage stood and the church and small museum building are clustered nearby. 






Corinth Baptist Church

Corinth Baptist Church- This is the original part of the Corinth Baptist Church in Lake Park, Lowndes County, Georgia. It was the home church of John Edward and Ellen Hackle in 1882. Ellen was a member of this church, but it is not known if John was also or just attended church there. Ellen asked for a letter of transfer in November 1882, indicating this may have been about the time she moved to Tattnall County, Georgia to be nearer to some of her children. She also had 2 sisters and a brother who attended this church during this period of time. 





Corinth Church

This church was established in 1850 about a mile to the west of it’s present location. This portion of the church is now used as a fellowship hall and children’s activities when the new sanctuary was built in the 1970’s. John and Ellen were known to have lived in this area from about 1870 to 1884 so they likely worshipped in this building for many years. Ellen was baptized here in September 1882. John died in Lowndes County in 1884, but he is not buried in the church cemetery, although there are a dozen unmarked graves there for whom there are no official records.





Edward Carlton and Jabie Hackle 1972

This photo was taken in 1972 celebrating Carl and Jabie’s 50th wedding anniversary. They were both born in Lowndes County, Georgia and were lifelong residents of the Valdosta area. Edward, known as Carl, was the son of Robert Edward Hackle and grandson of John Edward Hackle and Hetty Green Hackle. Carl died in 1972 and Jabie died in 1998 at age 98. Photo provided by Robert and Katherine LaPenna.   






Robert LaPenna Family


This photo was taken at a Hackle family reunion in 1994. Katherine Hackle LaPenna, seated, is the daughter of Carl and Jabie Hackle in the previous photo. She and her husband Bob have lived most of their married life near Dallas, Texas. This photo included 3 of their 4 children and grandchildren. They are retired and live near Fort Worth, Texas.  






Hackle Siblings 1994

These are the grown children of Robert Lloyd (son of Robert Edward) and Zoie Hackle, taken at a reunion in 1994. They include L to R, Frances Stevenson, Elizabeth Pratt, Carl Hackle, Edward Hackle, Marilyn O’Bryan, and seated, Eugenia “Snooks” Grooms. Snooks died in 1994 and Edward in 1997.  






Hackle Girls 1974

This photo shows the three children of Edward Carlton and Jabie Hackle in 1974 at their parents 50th anniversary. They are Dorothy “Dot” Woodard, Jackie Smith and Katherine LaPenna. Photo provided by Robert and Katherine LaPenna.  






Ray Smith Family 1994

The group includes Ray and Jackie Hackle Smith and their daughter Debbie with her husband David Lloyd. Sitting is Jackie’s mother Jabie Hackle. Ray died in 2000.  






Mary Pharma Kinchen Family 1994

This group includes Pharma Hackle Kinchen (seated, left) and her children, Robert Taylor, Joe Kinchen, Michael Kinchen, Linda Kinchen Alonzo, Lena Kinchen White, and Benny Kinchen and their spouses and children. Pharma was the daughter of Robert Lloyd Hackle and Bertha Porter Hackle. She died in 1996.  






Children of Milledge Kenneth Hackle 1994

This group shot, shows the children of Kenneth Hackle, son of Robert Lloyd Hackle. They are Robert Hackle, Claudia Hackle Simmons and Charlotte Hackle Peacock with their spouses and children. Kenneth Hackle died in 1988.  






Zoie Crawford Hackle 1965

Zoie was married to Robert Lloyd Hackle in 1926 and they had 7 children, 6 of whom lived to adulthood. They met in Georgia, but lived in Hamilton County, Florida most of their married lives. Zoie died in Jacksonville, Florida in 1974. Robert Lloyd Hackle died in 1948 in Hamilton Co, FL.  







Robert Lloyd Hackle 1920

Robert was the son of Robert Edward Hackle and the father of 12 children in two marriages. He was the father of Carlton R. Hackle, one of the organizers of the current Hackle Reunions, begun in 2003. This is the only known photo of Robert Lloyd, who died in Jasper, Florida in 1948.      






Carlton R. Hackle 1958

Carl Hackle, co-organizer of the Hackle Family Reunion served in the US Navy for almost 10 years. He joined with his twin brother Edward on their 17th birthday in 1958. Carl currently lives in Gainesville, Florida. Edward died in 1997.  






Frances Hackle Stevenson 1946

This is Francis’ high school photo. She married Buel J. Stevenson in 1946 and they both worked for NOAA, the National Weather Service. Steve died in 2003.  






Sarah Elizabeth Hackle Pratt 1955

This is Elizabeth’s high school photo. She married Lindsey Pratt in 1962 and she has three children. Lindsey died in 1982.  






Frances Stevenson and Elizabeth Pratt –Sisters 2004

Frances and Lib at a family dinner in 2004. Both are widowed. Frances lives in Jasper, Florida and Lib lives in Valdosta, Georgia.  






Duncan and Anna Zeigler Clayton

These are the maternal grandparents of Robert Lloyd Hackle. He married Pharma Emma Clayton, the daughter of Duncan and Anna. Duncan served in the Civil War. Duncan died in 1897 and Anna in 1897 and are buried next to their son Robert Edward and Anna’s parents in the old Lake Park Cemetery in Lake Park, Lowndes County, Georgia. Duncan once owned the land where the cemetery is and he donated the land for the cemetery and the Methodist church which used to lie next to the cemetery. That church was moved into the city of Lake Park in the 1920s, and has since been replaced. Photo provided by Charles E. Zeigler.






Carlton R. Hackle 1953

This was Carl’s school picture at about age 12. He lived in Jasper, FL at this time. Carl currently lives in Gainesville, FL and is one of the co-organizers of the Hackle Family Reunions.   






Edward Arnold Hackle 1953

This was Edward’s school picture at about age 12. He was the twin brother of Carlton, previous picture. He lived in Jasper, FL at this time. Edward died of cancer in 1997 at age 56.   






Thomas Wiley Wynn 1950’s

Tommy was the son of John Wiley Wynn and Carrie Boyd.. Carrie was the daughter of Arianna Hackle and the granddaughter of John Edward Hackle. Carrie died in 1911 and before she died she asked her sister, Anna Lillar to look after her five young children. She agreed and ended up marrying her brother-in-law John Wiley Wynn and gave him 7 more children. Tommy died in 1984 in DeSoto County, FL at age 80.  






Trudie Wynn Harris About 1950

Trudy was about 30 when this photo was taken. She was born in Hamilton County, FL, married at age 29 to Lord Joseph Harris of London, England, but had no children. She died in Sarasota, FL in 2000.  






Wynn Brothers 1972

L-R Avery , Thomas, John Plez and William Thomas “Bill”. Another brother, James died in 1965. The Wynn family had frequent family reunions and thanks goes to Ellen Wynn Hutson for sharing their photos with us.   






John Wiley Wynn and Anna Lillar Boyd and children about 1923

Back Row L-R Ada Wynn Swilley, John Wiley Wynn, next 2 not identified, Willie Wynn Hale Next row, Eloise Wynn Bartlow Bottom row, Eula Wynn Toole, Trudy Wynn Harris, Bwensy Wynn Roy, Nora Wynn Jones, William Thomas Wynn and mother, Anna Lillar Boyd Wynn. Anna Lillar was the daughter of Arianna Hackle (died bet 1888-1894 death place undetermined) and William B. Boyd (died 1920 in Colquitt Co, GA.) 






Avery Wynn Sr. with Avery Wynn Jr. and Grandchildren of Avery Sr. ,1992

This photo was taken at a Wynn reunion in 1992 when Avery Sr. was about 65. He died in Sarasota, FL in 1999.






Children of William Thomas “Bill” and Mildred Wynn: April 2006

L-R Betty Wynn Skinner, Robert Wynn, Ellen Wynn Hutson, Lois Wynn Tyner, and Tommy Wynn, Jr. Another family get-together-another branch reunion perhaps. What a good way to keep in touch with one another.







Five children of Mildred and Bill Wynn: about 1957

Back, Lois and Tommy, Front, Betty and Robert, On trike, Ellen  






Children of Mildred and Bill Wynn; about 1953

Back, Lois and Tommy, Front row, Betty and Robert Fifth child, Ellen hadn’t been born yet!






John Wiley Wynn Date Unknown

John Wiley Wynn, husband of sisters Carrie Boyd and Anna Lillar Boyd late in life. John had a total of 12 children with the 2 sisters. He died in Sarasota FL in 1942 at age 68.






John Plez Wynn and wife Jan 1992

He was known as Plez . He died in Sarasota in 1993, about a year after this photo was taken, at age 62. It is noted that most of the Wynns from this limb migrated from Hamilton County, FL to Sarasota and DeSoto Counties.






The Ellen Hutson Family April 2006

L-R Front Makayla McManus, Adian McManus, Angel McRae, foster child of the McManus’, Back row Zach, boyfriend of youngest daughter Sony, Sony Hutson, 21, Ellen and Tony Hutson, Echo McManus, middle daughter, Charity Martinez, oldest daughter and husband Pancho Martinez . This looks like a birthday celebration of some sort, perhaps one of the grandchildren of Ellen and Tony. 





Bill and Mildred Hackle Lofley 2003

This photo was taken on Bill's 82nd birthday in 2003 . Millie is the daughter of Sidney and Willie Belle Hackle and sister to Pierce and the late Wilbur Hackle. Millie attended out reunion in 2005 and took part in our “old timers” story telling hour on Saturday night where we heard tales about what life was like for them in the early 1900’s. Photo provided by Mildred Lofley.






Bill Loflley 2003

Bill and Millie had 2 children, James and Laurie. James and his wife and their daughter Michelle attended the reunion in 2005. Bill died in 2004. Photo provided by Mildred Lofley.






Bill and Mildred Lofley 1948

Bill and Mildred on their wedding day in 1948. Bill was serving in our Armed Forces at the time. Photo provided by Mildred Lofley.






David and David Hackel 2002

These two David’s are first cousins, once removed. David on the left is the son of Tommy and Virginia Thrush Hackle and his family currently lives in Wooster, Ohio where his brother and parents also live. David on the right is the son of Wayne and the late Helen Reynolds Hackel of Georgia. He is married with two sons and lives in Cocoa, Florida. A third son , Tyler, died in 2003 at age 14 of meningitis. This David was part of the organizing committee in 2003 and served one year as president of the Hackle reunion, held in June every year.





Thomas Watson and Virginia Thrush Hackel. 2002

Uncle Tommy, as he is affectionately called, is the last member of his generation still alive, and he serves as one of the patriarchs of this family. He was the youngest son of Zack and Mollie Odom Hackel, and is John Edward’s grandson. Tommy will be 84 in 2006. 






Wayne and Julie Mock Hackel 2002

Wayne Hackel is the son of Corda and Louise Smith Hackel. Corda was a son of Zack and Mollie Hackel. Corda and Tommy Hackel in the previous photo were brothers. After Wayne’s first wife, Helen, died in 1999, he married Julie Mock and they currently live in Hortense, Georgia.  






Thomas Watson Hackel 2002

This photo, taken at a family reunion in North Carolina in 2003 is of “Uncle Tommy” as he is known, at age 80. He is one of the oldest of our cousins and has attended two of the three current Hackle reunions. He and his wife Virginia have lived in Georgia, New Jersey and North Carolina and currently they live in Wooster, Ohio, near their 2 sons, David and Mitch.






Headstone of Owen B. Hackle.

Owen was a son of John Edward and Ellen Hackle. Many of Owen’s family is also buried here, in Evergreen Baptist Church cemetery, Cobbtown, Candler Co. GA.  







Headstone of Ellen Hackle

Ellen was the second wife of John Edward Hackle, and together they had eight children. He married Ellen in 1866 after losing his wife Hetty (2 children) young while he was away in the Civil War. The stone was erected by Willie, Claude, Ernest C. Hackle, all grandsons of Ellen and by Elmo Brown, Ellen’s brother. This stone was obviously placed at the end of Ellen’s gravesite ( a flat concrete slab) years after her death by her grandsons and brother but the exact date is not known. Many other Hackles are also buried here in Evergreen Baptist Church cemetery in Cobbtown, Candler Co, GA.





Headstone of Robert Lloyd and Zoie Hackle

Robert was the grandson of John Edward Hackle and father of 12 children in two families, including Carl Hackle, an organizer of the Hackle reunions. This stone is in Evergreen Cemetery, Jasper, Hamilton Co, FL. Robert’s father, Robert Edward Hackle is buried in old Lake Park Cemetery in Lake Park, Lowndes Co, GA. But there is no marker left.






Headstone of Edward Carlton and Jabie Hackle

Carl was the son of Robert Lloyd Hackle and grandson of John Edward Hackle. This stone is in Sunset Hills Cemetery in Valdosta, Lowndes, Co, GA. The twin sons of Robert Lloyd Hackle, Edward and Carlton, were named after their Uncle Carl.







Sidney Homer Hackle 1942

Sid was the son of John Edward and Ellen Hackle and this photo may be of one our earliest ancestors. He was born in Valdosta, GA in 1879. He had 5 children including Wilbur, who attended the first Hackle reunion in 2003 with his wife, Joanne and daughter, Irma, and he died later that year at age 81.Another son, Pierce Hackle has attended all the reunions with his wife Vera and recently turned 82. A third child, Mildred Hackle Lofley, attended the 2005 reunion with her son’s family. Photo provided by Pierce and Vera Hackle.






Sid Hackle 1948

Sid worked various jobs in several Georgia counties, including Jeff Davis, Emanuel, Chatham, and Toombs Co, GA and eventually moved to Palm Beach County, FL where he died in 1955. Photo provided by Pierce and Vera Hackle.






Sidney and Willie Belle Hackle and sons Wilbur and Pierce

This photo was taken about 1925. Sidney worked as a prison guard at the Convict Camp in Cedar Crossing in the 1920’s. He is found in the 1920 census of Toombs County listed as the Warden of the Camp with 9 inmates living at the complex. It is not known if these men all lived in the same building or if Sidney may have had a separate dwelling. It is likely that he stayed in the same facility where the inmates lived. Photo provided by Pierce and Vera Hackle.






Sidney and Roy Hackle

This undated photo shows Sidney Hackle and a man named Roy, presumably Hackle, who would be uncle and nephew. Sidney was the son of John Edward Hackle and Roy was the son of Sidney’s brother James Thomas Hackle. The photo itself is identified only as Sidney and Roy. Photo provided by Pierce and Vera Hackle.  






Headstone of George Scarboro

George was the second husband of Susan McGar Hackle. After her husband John Hackle died, sometime in the 1840’s, Susan married George in 1854. George was a friend of Susan’s sons, Tolbert and John Edward and they served in the same Company and unit during the Civil War. George was about 30 years younger than Susan at the time they married, unusual for that period. George’s birth year is still undetermined and this stone only gives the Civil War regiment and no dates. This stone is the only photo connection we have so far of Susan’s generation although we have some documents in the time frame of her marriage to John Hackle and some census , tax and land records for John and Susan.






Mollie Odom Hackle Late 1960’s

Mollie was the wife of Zack Hackle, who was a son of John Edward Hackle. Mollie and Zack spent their entire lives in Emanuel Co, GA. They had 8 children including our “Uncle Tommy” of Ohio who is the youngest child of Mollie and Zack and who is still alive and attends the reunions. Mollie died in 1968. Photo provided by Ann Lifer






Lula Mae Hackle Woods and her mother Mollie Odom Hackle Late 1960’s

Lula was the daughter of Zack and Mollie Odom Hackel. Lula and her husband, Rowey Durden Woods had 10 children, including June Pearson, Ann Lifer and Minnie Jones, who all attended the 2004 reunion. Lula died in 1986 and Mollie died in 1968. Lula spent most of her life in Emanuel and Tattnall Co, GA. Mollie lived all of her life in Emanuel Co, GA. Photo provided by Ann Lifer.







Corda Hackel April 1986

This photo of Corda Hackel, taken from a group picture, is one of only a few pictures available of Cordie. He was the son of Zack and Millie Odom Hackel and father of Wayne Hackel, who attends our reunions. He was the brother of Tommy Hackel, of Ohio. Cordie was in a house fire (time frame unknown) and his foot was badly injured and he had to use a cane. (Comment by Ann Lifer) Corda spent his entire life in Emanuel Co, GA. He died in 1991. Photo provided by Ann Lifer.   






Preston Lawton Hackel April 1986

Preston Hackel married Gertrude Lydia Kea about 1933 and they had three children. He was a brother of Uncle Tommy Hackel, of Ohio . There is not too much information known about Preston. It is believed he lived in Americus, GA at the time of his death in 1991. Photo provided by Ann Lifer   






Hackle Group Late 1950’s

Front L-R Mollie Hackle, Ava Nell McCarthy, Mollie’s granddaughter, Neva Hackle McCarthy, Lula Hackle Woods, Veola Hackle Drake. Back Row L-R Preston Hackel, Mollie’s son, Neva’s husband, Alex McCarthy, and Bill Drake, Veola’s husband. . This picture was obviously a family group shot , likely at a holiday or family event. Bill and Veola’s son, Bill, attended the reunion in 2005. Photo provided by Ann Lifer  






Lula Hackle Woods Early 1940’s

Lula Mae Woods Wilks was in her 30’s in this photo. She had 10 children and lived most of her life in Tattnall Co, GA She died in 1986. 






Veola Hackel Drake 1992/1993

Veola was the sister of our Uncle Tommy of Ohio, and the mother of Bill Drake. Bill and his wife attended the 2005 reunion. Veola spent her whole life in Emanuel Co, GA and died in 1997. With her death, this leaves Tommy Hackel of Ohio as the last member of his limb.   






Lula Mae Hackel Wedding photo 15 December 1918

L-R Minnie Hackel, Lula’ sister, who died in childbirth shortly after this photo was taken, Neva Hackel McCarthy, Lula’s oldest sister, next two women unidentified, right end, the bride, Lula Hackle, age 18. First man on left is the bride’s father . Man on the right is the groom, Rowey Durden Woods, age 21.. Lula and Rowey eloped on this day to be married.  






Hackle Family Members- About 1959

Back row- L-R Jesse Hackle, Thomas Watson Hackle, Ruby Hackle First Row Adell Hackle, Martha Matilda Logue Hackle ,Annie Hackle

Adell, Ruby , Jesse, and Thomas W. are children of Martha Matilda Logue, “Tillie”, and Robert Edward Wesley “Wes” Hackle . Wes died in 1954, before this photo was taken.






Georgia Bell Hackle and Daughters 1972

This photo shows Georgia , known as “Granny” center, and her two daughters, O’Retia , left and Lois Hackle, right.  






Wes and Tillie Hackle Date Unknown

Robert “Wes” was born in 1866 and was the son of Tolbert and Sarah Jane Hackle. He married Martha “Tillie” in 1886 and this union produced 11 children, many living into old age. Many of the current reunion attendees descend from this branch including Carolyn McKee, Roy Hackle, James Franklin Hackle, Diana Tovar, Sandra Hackle, and Tiny Will Hackle Collins. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee. 






Thomas Watson Hackle and Family About 1946

This photo shows Watson and Georgia with daughter, Ola, and son baby Doug Tidwell, held by Granny, daughter, Lois Hackle left, and daughter, O’Retia Hackle, right . Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee. 






Willie and Ernest Holman Ca 1950

Twins, Willie and Ernest were born in 1949 to Lois Hackle and her second husband Willie Holman . They are half brothers of Carolyn McKee. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee.






Thomas Watson Hackle Ca 1946

Thomas Watson was known as Watson most of his life, and was a son of Wes and Tillie Hackle . Thomas is shown here with his logging crew. He died in 1961. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee  






Thomas Watson Hackle

Thomas was the son of Wes and Till Hackle. He served in World War I ASC. He served with Douglas McArthur in the war and later named one of his grandsons Douglas in McArthur’s honor. He married Georgia Lee Bell and together they had 6 children. He died in 1961. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee.  






“Granny” Hackle 1971

Georgia Lee Bell Hackle, Carolyn Hackle McKee and Carolyn’s daughter Deborah McKee Crews. Celebrating Christmas 1971 was Georgia Hackle, grand daughter Carolyn ( a co-organizer of the first Hackle reunion in 2003) and great grand daughter Debbie. Georgia was the spouse of Thomas Edward Watson Hackle and she died in 1976. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee.






Georgia Bell Hackle Georgia

Georgia Bell Hackle known as Granny, was born in Cook County, Georgia and was the wife of Watson Hackle. They moved from Georgia to Hillsborough County, Florida in about 1944. She died in 1976 and they are both buried in Swainsboro, Emanuel County, Georgia. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee. 






Tolbert and Sarah Hackle Headstone

Cedar Crossing Cemetery, Toombs County, Georgia. Tolbert died in 1918 and Sarah in 1923. Tolbert served in the Civil War in Company K of the 28th GA Infantry Regiment, along side of his brother John Edward and the husband of their sister, Martha, Cana Brinson Pritchard. Tolbert and Sarah lived in Toombs County at the end of their lives. Cana Pritchard moved to Dyer Co, TN after the death of his wife, Martha Hackle and he died there.  






Four Generations 1972

Back row-left to right Lois Hackle, Carolyn Hackle McKee, holding Lee Ann Hackle, and Georgia Bell Hackle, seated. . Lois died in 2003, and Carolyn and Lee Ann currently live in the Jacksonville, FL area. Georgia died in 1976. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee   






Robert Edward Wesley Hackle and Martha Matilda Logue

Known as “ Wes and Tillie” They had a large family and spent most of their lives in Emanuel Co, GA before moving closer to Wes’s parents in Cedar Crossing, Toombs Co, GA where they died. Their son Tolbert Brinson “Deke” Hackle has descendants in the Savannah, GA area and son George Dewey Hackle has a daughter, Tiny Will Collins who be attending the Hackle reunion from Oregon in 2006. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee.






Hackle Headstone

This is the headstone for Wes and Tilley Hackle. Wes was the son of Tolbert and Sarah Jane Hackle. It is erected in Cedar Crossing Cemetery in Toombs Co, GA the same place where Tolbert and Sarah are buried. Photo provided by Earl and Carolyn McKee.







The Boyd Family about mid-1950’s

This is a photo of Everette Boyd, son of Mary Jane Hackle and Seaborn Boyd and some of his siblings. Mary Jane was a daughter of Tolbert Edward and Sarah Jane Hackle. From left to right: Everette, Lucie, Kathleen, Tom, Wiley, James and Sally. Everette was the youngest of nine children and he died in 1980. James’ son George and George’s daughter Linda Smart attended the Hackle reunion in 2004. Photo provided by Linda Smart.  






Headstone of John T. and Claudia Hackle

John Thomas was the son of Tolbert and Sarah Jane Hackle and Claudia was his second wife. This stone is in Hawhammock Missionary Baptist Church cemetery in Swainsboro, Emanuel Co. GA.





Headstone of Thomas W, Hackle and Georgia Bell

“Watson” was a son of Robert Edward Wesley “Wes” and Martha Matilda Logue Hackle. They were the grandparents of Carolyn McKee , an organizer of the Hackle Reunions. This stone is in Hawhammock Missionary Baptist Church in Emanuel County, GA .






Headstone of Grady D. and Henrietta Hackle

Grady was the son of Edward R. Hackle and great grandson of Tolbert and Sarah Hackle. This stone is in Moore Cemetery, Swainsboro, Emanuel Co. GA.   






Tenant House, Emanuel County, GA 2003

This house was used by workers on Tolbert Hackle’s land in the late 1860’s Some reunion attendees visited this site in 2003 when these pictures were taken. The next year when we returned to the site, the house had been torn down, so we were grateful to have picture memories of this house.







In side the Tenant house 2003

Outside of Swainsboro, GA. This small house was home to tenants who worked on the land once owned by Tolbert Hackle in Emanuel County.  






Prayer on inside wall of the tenant house 2003

There is no indication when this prayer was placed on the wall, but it is possible that it had been there from the early days of the house and written by the family who lived there at the time.






Denise Hackel- Inside the Tenant House, 2003

Looking at the rooms in this small house, one could only imagine a family living here with several children running around , over 100 years ago.   






Jesse James and Dorothy Butler Hackle October 1978

Jesse James Hackle was the son of Wes and Tillie Hackle and the grandson of Tolbert and Sarah Hackle. He was the father of 10 children, 8 of whom are still living. Jesse spent most of his life in Colquitt Co, GA where he died in Moultrie in 1979. Dorothy Mae died ten years later in 1989. Several of Jesse and Dorothy’s children have attended our reunions including James Franklin, Diana Hackle Tovar, and Roy Hackle, our current president. This photo was one of the last to be taken of Jesse before he died the next year. Photo provided by Robyn Freeman.  






Fletcher-Heckle house at Arsenal 1904

Orlin K. Fletcher was a sergeant in the US Army medical corps stationed at the Augusta Arsenal in 1903. The Heckle home property adjoined the Arsenal property. He met, wooed and married Mary Louise Heckle. Their first year was spent in this house. It was one of several military housing units at the Arsenal. Fletcher was discharged in 1905 and the couple remained in Augusta for the rest of their lives in a house next door to her parents house (George Jesse Heckle and Sarah Atmar Rogers). The Arsenal house was demolished in the 1960’s by Augusta State University that now occupies the old Arsenal site. All photos labeled JOE-XX were provided by Joe Lee , the only Henry Heckle descendant we have been in contact with.  






Fletcher-Heckle wedding invitation 1904

They had a small family members only wedding  






Orlin, Mary and George Fletcher July 1912

L-R Orlin K. Fletcher, Jr. Mary Mercelia Fletcher and George Heckle Fletcher, the children of Orlin K. Fletcher and Mary Louise Heckle Fletcher.  






Fletcher Orlin wedding 25 July 1904

Orlin K. Fletcher pre-wedding photo..  






Anna Bohler 100 years 1923

Anna Jane Bohler Heckle, widow of Henry Heckle, with her birthday cake and silver cup presented to her at her 100th birthday. Henry Heckle was the son of Christopher Frederick Heckle, who was the first American born Heckle in our line. This is the farthest back photo we have of any elder Heckle, seeing as Anna Jane was born in 1823. . Many of the descendents lived well into their 80’s and one other person lived to be 100. So we know that we come from hearty stock.






Clarence Heckle

Clarence was the son of James A. Heckle and Della Kennebrew . Lived to be 100 years old as well. He was born in 1883 and died in 1983. Photo by A.V. Clifton, Athens, GA . Date of photo unknown.   






Heckle Four Generations ca 1916

L-R Mrs. Anna J. Heckle, age 93, Jim Heckle, age 63, Clarence Heckle, age 33, Jim Heckle, Jr. , age 4. Made at George Heckle’s house at 2471 McDowell St., Augusta, GA. 






George and Sarah Rogers Heckle 1925

George Jess Heckle and his wife Sarah Atmar Rogers Heckle in their yard at 2471 McDowell St, Augusta, GA. . George was a Marshal in Summerville, near Augusta in the 1870’s, and was again appointed Marshal in 1892.







George Heckle’s Doctor’s Bill 1885

Recap of charges by Dr. W.W. Battey for services to George Heckle’s family 3 Nov 1882. Attending wife in labor for birth of Mary Louise Heckle 11 Dec 1885. Attending wife in labor for birth of Annie Estelle Heckle. 






George Heckle house ca 1904-05

George Heckle’s house at 2471 McDowell St. Augusta, GA. The ladies are not identified, but the one on the left looks like Mary Louise Heckle. The one on the right is probably not her sister Stella as Stella was not taller than Mary. The house has been torn down. 






Lt. George Heckle, Augusta Police 1913

Summerville was annexed to Augusta 1 Jan 1912. In 1913, George Heckle was appointed a Lt. on the Augusta Police force in charge of the new Summerville precinct.







George Heckle Police Squad Oct 1913

George Heckle and his squad in front of the Summerville precinct station. George stayed on the force until 1917 when he retired. He died in 1938 at age 89. 






George Heckle group with guns

Marshall George Heckle is seated in the center. Heckle was Marshal of Summerville from 1871-1873 and 1892-1911. We think the man sitting on the left is Will U. Redd, Heckle’s deputy and later an Augusta Police Department detective. The original is a tintype.  






Heckle bank book

George was a tough Marshal and involved in a number of shootouts . (See “Summerville: A Pictorial History” by Helen Callahan, 1993 Chapters Two and Three ). During one confrontation, George was shot in the chest. He had his bank book in his shirt pocket and the bullet was deflected off the bank book, thus saving his life. The hole can be seen in the front of the book in this photo. The whole story of this shooting can also be found in the 8 Nov 1894 edition of the Augusta Chronicle, in Augusta , GA on p. 5 column 3.  






Heckle bank book open

The page on the right shows where the bullet stopped. It tore some of the remaining pages but did not make a hole as on the left. There is a large write-up about this shooting in “Summerville: A Pictorial History” by Helen Callahan, 1993, p. 39.   






Marshall’s Badge

Badge worn by Marshal George Heckle of Summerville, Augusta, GA Digital camera photo Aug 2005.  






Henry Heckle tax receipt

1884 Summerville tax receipt for Henry Heckle for his 1884 taxes.   






Lulu Heckle Undated

Carte de Viste of Lulu Heckle, daughter of Henry Heckle and Anna Jane Bohler Heckle. Born 13 Aug 1861-Died 27 Jan 1881






Mary Louise Heckle May 1883

Carte de Viste of Mary Louise Heckle, age 6 months. Photo by M. I. Cormany.






Mary Louise Heckle Graduation 9 June 1903

Mary Louise in her graduation gown and holding her diploma from Sacred Heart Academy, Augusta, GA.






Mary Heckle’s wedding 25 July 1904

Mary Louise Heckle’s pre-wedding photo.






Stella Heckle June 1903

Annie Estella Heckle, sister of Mary Louise Heckle Fletcher.






George Heckle, Mary Louise, Stella, baby Mary 1905

L-R Mary Louise Heckle Fletcher, George Jesse Heckle holding Mary Mercelia Fletcher, Annie Estella Heckle , Summerville, Augusta, GA






Orlin and Mary Lou Heckle Fletcher and children 1908

L-R Orlin K. Fletcher, George H. Fletcher, Mary Mercelia Fletcher and Mary Louise Heckle Fletcher, Atlanta, GA. Made while Fletcher was in dental school at Atlanta Dental College.






Heckle House, rear 1873

Rear view of Thomas M. Heckle’s (Henry Heckle’s brother, and son of Christopher Frederick Heckle) house at the corner of Hickman Road and Battle Row, Augusta, GA Stereo view by J. A Palmer, Aiken, SC Modern names of streets. Entire Heckle property site now covered by single family homes.






Heckle House-rear single 1873

Close-up of one half of the stereo view of the Heckle house, Summerville, Augusta, GA.






Brothers Wilbur and Pierce Hackle

Sons of Sidney Homer Hackle, Sidney was the son of John Edward Hackle and several photos of him are in this album. Wilbur and Pierce attended the first reunion in 2003. Later that year Wilbur passed away at age 81, so we are glad to have had a chance to meet him. Pierce still attends the reunions along with his wife and Joyce, Wilbur’s widow. . 2003 Reunion





Carl Hackle, son of Robert Lloyd Angie and Tom Wirth, daughter of Wayne Hackel , and her husband.

Branches had a chance to meet other limbs and learn about the history of the Hackles after they arrived in Georgia. 2003 Reunion






Captain David Hackel and Lady Denise

..Leading Tolbert Hackle’s Memorial Service, Cedar Crossing Cemetery, Toombs County, GA. 2003 Reunion






Charlotte Peacock and Claudia Simmons

Charlotte and Claudia are the daughters of Kenneth Milledge Hackle. They currently live in the Florida Panhandle in and near Pensacola. 2003 Reunion






Frank and Joyce Moring and Joe and Virginia Lee

Frank and Joe were early researchers of the Hackle family history, along with Emma Jean Hackle, before the days of computers. They were kind enough to share some of their research with the latest researchers of this family that include David Hackel, FL, Earl and Carolyn McKee, Jacksonville, FL and Carl and Dar Hackle, Gainesville, FL. It is with great respect that we thank these early researchers. We are fortunate to have 6 major researchers of the Hackle history currently and 3 researchers of the Hindsman/Heckel line. 2003 Reunion





Frank and Joyce Moring

Frank is the son of Hardwick Moring and is the great grandson of Letta S. Hackle, a daughter of Tolbert and Sarah Hackle. There are many Morings buried in Swainsboro and Frank and Joyce currently live in the Macon, GA area. 2003 Reunion






Glenda Bankhead and Deena Smith

Glenda and Deane, as she is called, are the daughters of Willie Adam Hackle, who was the grandson of John Edward Hackle. They are both from South Carolina and have attended some of the reunions in Swainsboro. 2003 Reunion






Relma Hart, daughter of Eva Hackle, David Hackel, and Emma Jean Hackle

Daughter of J. Marvin Hackle Relma is the daughter of Eva Hackle, and Emma Jean is the daughter of J. Marvin Hackle. Relma and Emma Jean are first cousins, sharing the same grandfather, James Thomas Hackle, who was the son of John Edward and Ellen. Relma and Emma Jean both live in Winter Park Fl, and make an effort to attend as many of our reunions as they can. They are two of our “over 80” cousins. David Hackel is a co-founder of the Hackle Reunions and was its first president. 2003 Reunion






Julie Hackel and Jackie Smith

Julie is the wife of Wayne Hackel, currently living in Hortense, GA and Jackie Hackle Smith is the daughter of Edward Carlton Hackle. Jackie lives in Stone Mountain, GA. 2003 Reunion.






Katherine and Robert LaPenna

Katherine is the great granddaughter of John Edward Hackle. She and Bob live in Eustis , Texas, near Fort Worth. 2003 Reunion






Mitch Hackel, unknown Hackle, Tommy Hackle, father of Mitch and Robert Nathan Hackle Jr.

Mitch and his father are from Ohio, and Robert Nathan is from Jeffersonville, GA. Robert is also a grandson of James Thomas Hackle We need an ID for our fourth Hackle in this photo. 2003 Reunion






David Hackel, FL and David and Mitch Hackel

These are all cousins and descendants of John Edward Hackle, through Zack and Corda Hackel. Different branches used different spellings of the same surname. The name was spelled Haeckel in German records and Heckel when they arrived in this country in 1752. About 1850 the surname began appearing as Hackle or Hackel. In census records and other vital records, the name was misspelled a lot. The most common spellings now are Hackle and Hackel, although there is still a branch who settled in the Augusta, GA area that was spelled Heckle. 2003 Reunion






Ready for the Service

Re-enactors prepared to lead the Memorial Service for Tolbert Hackle at Cedar Crossing Cemetery, Toombs Co, GA 2003 Reunion






Flags Over Time Memorial Service for Tolbert Edward Hackle

Tolbert served in Company K, 28th Infantry Georgia Regiment during the Civil War. Tolbert served with his brother John Edward Hackle and brother-in-law Cana Brinson Pritchard, married to their sister, Martha. 2003 Reunion






Honoring Tolbert Hackle

Cedar Crossing Cemetery, Toombs Co, GA. The Memorial Service for Tolbert was presented by Company K, 28th GA Infantry Re-enactment Group, named in honor of Tolbert and John Hackle, who served in this unit. 2003 Reunion






Paying Our Respects

Reading of the Roster of Company K by the Re-enactors group by Tolbert Hackle’s gravesite 2003 Reunion






Salute to a Veteran

At attention to honor the service of Tolbert Hackle in the Civil War. Tolbert and John and Cana Brinson Pritchard all fought at the Battle of Olustee, near Lake City, FL. Olustee was the largest battle in Florida, many men were lost on both sides, but the Confederacy won the battle. 2003 Reunion






Twenty One Gun Salute

Troops fire their muskets a total of 21 times as a tribute to Tolbert and his comrades in Company K of the 28th Georgia Infantry Regiment. 2003 Reunion






Hackel Siblings Tommy and David Hackel and Angie Hackel Wirth

Great, great grandchildren of John Edward and Ellen Hackle. 2003 Reunion






Pierce and Vera Hackle Pierce

Grandson of John Edward Hackle and one of our oldest cousins. Pierce and Vera have four children and live in Pinetta, Florida. They have attended all of the reunions. 2003 Reunion






Tommy Hackel, Sherrie and Charlotte Peacock

Tommy is the son of Wayne Hackel of GA, Sherrie is Tom’s significant other, and Charlotte Peacock is the great grand daughter of Robert Edward Hackel, a son of John Edward and Hetty Hackle. It was good to see various branches getting to know each other. 2003 Reunion






Wayne and Julie Hackel

Wayne is the son of Corda Hackel and grandson of Zack Hackle. Wayne and Julie live in Hortense, GA. 2003 Reunion






Wayne Hackel and Friends

This is part of our next generation of Hackle’s. 2003 Reunion






Wayne Hackel, Son of David Hackel and Mitch Hackel, son of Tommy and Virginia Hackel.

Cousins and descendants of John Edward and Ellen Hackle 2003 Reunion






Wilbur Hackle

Wilbur attended our first reunion, something he really wanted to do at that time. He was ill with cancer, but managed to come and enjoyed hearing about his heritage. Wilbur died in August of 2003 , just two months after reconnecting with several branches of Hackles. 2003 Reunion






Glenda Bankhead, Jan Cox, Emma Jean Hackle, Vera & Pierce Hackle

Four branches of Hackle cousins learning more about each other. 2004 Reunion






George Boyd and daughter Linda Smart

George is a grandson of Mary Jane Hackle, a daughter of Tolbert and Sarah Hackle. George was 80 years old here. He lives in Mims, FL and was accompanied by his daughter Linda Smart, from Orlando on this day. They are from Tolbert Hackle’s branch. 2004 Reunion






Emma Jean Hackle

Emma Jean is an early Hackle researcher. She has spent many years gathering data, before the days of computers. She is another of our “over 80” descendants. Emma Jean never married and when she passes on, her line will be gone forever. So we appreciate more than ever Emma Jean sharing her branch’s information and photos with us for the next generations of Hackles. 2004 Reunion






David and Denise Hackel

David and Denise live in Cocoa, FL and are one of three younger researchers of the Hackles. David descends from Zack Hackle, who was a son of John Edward and Ellen Hackle. David was a co-organizer of these reunions and was it’s first President. 2004 Reunion






Jackie Smith and Elizabeth Pratt

Jackie and “Lib” are first cousins. Their fathers were sons of Robert Edward Hackle. Robert was John Edward’s second child and oldest son, born in 1859. Robert died in 1930. Jackie lives in Stone Mountain, GA and Lib lives in Valdosta, GA . 2004 Reunion






Jackie Smith with daughter Debbie and her husband David Lloyd

These folks have attended every reunion so far. Debbie is the current secretary of the reunion and David oversees our website at . 2004 Reunion






James and Antje Scogin James

Descendant of Anna Ursula Heckel who was just 6 years old when she accompanied her parents Thomas and Anna and siblings, Christopher, Johann Georg and Angelica from Ulm to Savannah via the 15th and last Salzburger transport in 1752. Thomas’ brother, Georg, had arrived the year before in 1751. Surely word of the new Colony of Georgia and the settlement at Ebenezer had reached family back in the Territory of Ulm. It is not known at this time if any other Haeckel family members from our line ever emigrated to America, but there are other pockets of Hackle/Hackel/Heckle surnames in other states today. 2004 Reunion






Carolyn McKee

Carolyn is the daughter of Lois Hackle Stallings Holman and descends from the Thomas Edward Watson Hackle branch that connects with Tolbert and Sarah Hackle. She and her husband Earl were co-organizers of the first Hackle Reunion in 2003. 2004 Reunion






Carl Hackle

Carl is the great grandson of John Edward Hackle and he and his wife , Dar, were also co-organizers of the first Hackle Reunion. 2004 Reunion






Jan Cox and Glenda Bankhead

Glenda and daughter Jan are from South Carolina. Glenda’s father, Willie Adam Hackle was from the Owen B. Hackle branch. Owen was a son of John Edward Hackle. 2004 Reunion






Minnie Jones, Ann Lifer and June Pearson

These three women are sisters. They descend from Lula Mae Hackel, a daughter of Zack and Mollie Hackel . Zack was the son of John Edward Hackle. 2004 Reunion






Max and Billie Johns

Max is the son of Theo Johns who was a grandson of Letta Hackle. Letta spent her life in Emanuel Co, GA and died there in 1920. Max has three children and lived in Pooler, GA at this time. 2004 Reunion






Roy and Sally Hackle

Roy is the son of Jesse James Hackle . He and Sally live near Bradenton, FL. Roy is the current president of the Hackle Reunion Committee 2004 Reunion






Lea Ann Butler and Debbie Crews

Lea Ann and Debbie are daughters of Carolyn and Earl McKee, making them descendants of Tolbert Hackle’s branch. They live with their families near Jacksonville, FL. 2004 Reunion






James Ray McNeeley

Ray is the grandson of Martha Hackle, who was a daughter of Tolbert and Sarah Hackle. He and his wife Leonell have 3 children and reside in Claxton, GA.






Matthew Hackle

Matt is the son of Edward A. Hackle, twin brother of Carl Hackle. Edward died in 1997. Matt lives in Fernandina Beach, FL and is single. 2004 Reunion






Leonelle McNeeley and Carl Hackle

Leonelle is the wife of Ray McNeeley. Here she is visiting with Carl to learn more about the beginnings of the Hackle family. 2004 Reunion






Walden Hackle and Grandma Alvena Hackle

Walden is the youngest person so far to attend our reunions. His grandparents are Alvena and Alvie J. Hackle. His father is Alvie Proctor Hackle and they descend from James Thomas Hackle’s branch. James was a son of John Edward and Ellen Hackle . 2004 Reunion






Anne Crocker and Beth Collins

Anne and Beth are both descendents of Anna Ursula Heckel. Ursula married John Michael Hindsman in 1771 so their connection to the Hackle’s goes back 235 years before they have a common ancestor in Thomas and Anna Erhardt Heckel. . They are both avid researchers of the Hindsman line. 2004 Reunion






Anne Crocker

Anna descends from Anna Ursula Heckel and John Michael Hindsman. She is a teacher of German and in 2005 had the wonderful opportunity to spend a month in Germany where she visited in Ulm, Langenau . and Holzkirch, where our ancestors lived in the mid 1770’s. She even met some living Haeckel families there! Maybe some day one of the living descendants of our German Haeckels will attend an American Hackle reunion! 2004 Reunion






Alvie J. Hackle and son AJ

Alvie is the son of Earnest Clark Hackle from the John Edward Hackle branch. Alvie lives in Cobbtown, GA and AJ lives in Claxton, GA A.J. is the father of Walden Hackle, our youngest attendee so far. 2004 Reunion







Beth Collins and Carolyn McKee

Beth is a descendant of Anna Ursula Heckel and Michael Hindsman and has done extensive research on both the Hackle and Hindsman lines. Beth currently lives in Athens, GA. Carolyn is from Tolbert Hackle’s line and currently lives with her husband Earl and grandchildren Tony and Ally in Jacksonville, FL. Carolyn and Earl are also researchers of the Hackle line. We are fortunate to have so many interested people in our lines that they will take the time and hard work to find new information about our family. 2004 Reunion






Anna Crocker

Anna spoke to the 2005 group about her recent trip to the home village of the Hackle ancestors. What a thrill to walk the same streets and villages, some of which only had 30 or so houses, that our ancestors did over 200 years ago. We all came away with a better understanding of our early heritage. 2005 Reunion






Checking Those Charts!

Some of the 2005 reunion attendees are checking our very long wall charts to find their family. Our first wall chart was 41 feet long! By 2005 we had to cut them in several branches in order to make room on the walls for them! 2005 Reunion






David Hackel and Roy Hackle

Cousins David, son of Wayne Hackel and Roy, son of Jesse James Hackle share a moment at the 2005 reunion. Roy is our current Reunion Committee President 2005 Reunion






David Hackel, Irma Stonecipher, Pierce and Vera Hackle

More cousin contacts. Irma is the niece of Pierce and Vera and all are cousins to David. 2005 Reunion






David Hackle and Tony McKee and Debbie Crews and son, Noah.

These are a mixture of descendants from John Edward and Tolbert Edward Hackle branches. 2005 Reunion






David Hackel and parents Tommy and Virginia Hackel

David, Tommy and Virginia all live in Wooster, OH and are some of the farthest to travel to our reunions. Tommy is the last of his generation from his limb. 2005 Reunion






Bill and Jane Drake, Mitch Hackel and Bob LaPenna

Bill’s mother was Veola Hackle, a sister of patriarch Tommy Hackel of OH. Veola was the daughter of Zack Hackle. 2005 Reunion






Bill and Jane Drake and David and Mitch Hackel with Tommy Hackel

Bill is the nephew of Tommy Hackel and David and Mitch, sons of Tommy, are cousins to Bill. The reunion was a wonderful way to reconnect for this family. 2005 Reunion






Irma Stonecipher and Mom, Joanne Hackle.

Irma is the daughter of Wilbur Hackle, who attended out first reunion. Joanne is his widow. Joanne and Wilbur had been married over 50 years. 2005 Reunion






Jackie Smith and Debbie and David Lloyd

Jackie, the daughter of Edward Carlton Hackle and her husband Ray Smith had also been married over 50 years. Jackie’s daughter , Debbie, and her husband David are on the Hackle Reunion Committee. 2005 Reunion






Jackie Smith watching Anna’s Presentation

Anna Crocker, a descendant of Anna Ursula Heckel, during her presentation of her recent trip to the old Haeckel villages in Germany. Jackie Smith looks on with interest in Anna’s remarks. How fascinating it was to hear about the early Haeckel beginnings in Germany. 2005 Reunion






Jackie Smith, David and Debbie Lloyd and Katherine and Bob LaPenna

Jackie and Katherine, sisters, share a moment with Jackie’s daughter Debbie and her husband David from Stone Mountain, GA. Katherine and husband Bob, a retired airline pilot, catch up on family news during the covered dish luncheon. 2005 Reunion






Jean Cooper and Beth Collins

Jean and Beth are descendents of Anna Ursula Heckel. Beth has done extensive research on the Ursula/Michael Hindsman branch. Ursula and Michael both died in Wilkes Co, GA in the early 1800’s, but their descendants ventured to Coweta Co, GA, where they owned much land and they stayed for several generations. Some eventually went to Alabama and Texas. 2005 Reunion






Julie and Wayne Hackel

Wayne is the son of Corda Hackel and grandson of Zachariah and Mollie Hackel. They are buried in Emanuel Co, GA. Corda died in 1991 and Zack, his father, died in 1924. Wayne and Julie currently live near Hortense, GA. 2005 Reunion






Michelle and Connie Lofley, Irma Stonecipher and Glenda Bankhead

Cousins from three limbs share a memory during the reunion at the Summertown Civic Center. 2005 Reunion






Michelle Lofley

Michelle is the daughter of James and Connie Lofley and grand daughter of Mildred Hackle Lofley. Michelle was currently serving in the US Military at this reunion and we are proud of her service to our country. 2005 Reunion.






Mildred Lofley and Vera Hackle

Mildred and Vera are sister-in-laws. Vera is married to Pierce Hackle, Mildred’s brother. The reunion is a great opportunity to connect with family. Mildred lives in northern GA and Vera in northern FL, so they don’t see each other often. 2005 Reunion






Mildred Lofley

Daughter of Sidney Homer Hackle. She and her husband Bill were married over 50 years. Bill died in 2004 in Union County, GA. Mildred is a sister to Wilbur Hackle, died 2003, and Pierce Hackle, living in Pinetta, FL 2005 Reunion






Rob Hackle and Laura Denoncourt

Rob and Laura attended their first reunion in 2005. Rob is the son of Carl and Dar Hackle, co-organizers of these reunions. Rob and Laura married in Oct 2005 and are currently living in Sarasota, FL. 2005 Reunion






Mitch Hackel, Bill Drake and David Hackel

These are first cousins, children of Veola Hackle Drake and Tommy Hackel. Mitch and David, of Ohio, don’t get many chances to visit with Georgia based Bill. 2005 Reunion.






Mitchell Hackel and Sally Hackle

Mitch, son of Tommy and Virginia Hackel and Sally, wife of reunion president Roy Hackle share a light moment at the reunion. 2005 Reunion






Nevelyn and Robert N. Hackle, Joanne Hackle, Irma Stonechipher and Deane Smith

Four limbs of Hackle’s learning more about each other. These reunions are a great way to connect with family, regardless of how distant. 2005 Reunion






Roy Hackle and Carl Hackle

Roy is the son of Jesse James Hackle. Jesse had 10 children and was the son of Wes and Tillie Hackle. Carl is our current treasurer. Roy has spent 2 years as our reunion president. 2005 Reunion






Jean Cooper and Beth Collins

Jean and Beth are sisters and descendants of Anna Ursula Heckel and John Michael Hindsman. Ursula and Michael began their married life in Wilkes Co, GA, but their descendants went to Coweta Co, GA and stayed for many decades. Michael died about 1826 and Ursula died shortly after. There are still Hindsman families in Coweta Co, GA. 2005 Reunion






Deane Smith and Glenda Bankhead

Deane and Glenda are sisters, children of Willie Adam Hackle, known as “Wood”. He was the son of Owen B. Hackle, and son of John Edward and Ellen Hackle. Willie Adam died in 1985. Deane and Glenda are from South Carolina. 2005 Reunion






Tommy and Virginia Hackel

Uncle Tommy was born in Emanuel County, GA He and Virginia married in 1947 and have three children. They have lived in New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Puerto Rico and currently live in Wooster, Ohio. 2005 Reunion






Vera and Pierce Hackle

Pierce and Vera spent time in South Florida in Palm Beach County and currently live in Pinetta, FL where they have lived for many years. They have attended all of our reunions so far. Pierce is 82. 2005 Reunion






Vera Hackle, Irma Stonecipher, Joanne Hackle

Vera and Joanne are sister-in-laws. Irma is Joanne and the late Wilbur Hackle’s daughter. The reunions are a nice time to visit and connect for this family. 2005 Reunion






Dean Hackel, Joanne Hackle and others

Dean is the son of David and Denise Hackel of Cocoa, FL and Joanne is the widow of Wilbur Hackle. They share a moment with cousins during the covered dish luncheon. No one leaves hungry!






James Lofley Family and Deane Smith

They visit with Deane Smith of South Carolina. Deane is the granddaughter of Owen B. Hackle, a son of John Edward Hackle. 2005 Reunion






McGar’s Pond

McGar’s Mill sits on McGar’s Pond with McGar’s cemetery nearby. This pond and surrounding land near Summertown was owned by Edward McGar . Edward was the father of Susan McGar who married the first John Hackle and she was the mother of John Edward and Tolbert Hackle. Edward spent his entire life in Emanuel Co, GA and was a prominent land owner there. His son Owen was an attorney (called ordinary’s then) and his daughter Nancy married into the Green family that produced Hetty Green, the first wife of John Edward Hackle. Edward McGar died in 1851 and Susan died in 1871. 2005 Reunion






Carolyn McKee

Carolyn McKee viewing Anna’s display. Carolyn, wife of Earl McKee, looks at Anna Crocker’s display about her recent trip to Germany and the Haeckel roots in the Territory of Ulm, including Langenau and Holzkirch, the birthplace of some of the earliest known Haeckels. It was special to hear a first hand account of life in the villages of our ancestors. 2005 Reunion






Hackle Reunion Group 2005

Half of the Hackle Family in an attempt to get everyone together. A wide angle lens was required for our group of over 60 so we had to make this photo in two sections! 2005 Reunion






Tommy Hackel, Bob LaPenna and Anna Crocker

Tom and Bob question Anna after her presentation of her trip to Germany. They were eager to hear the German history of our family roots. Tommy is the son of Wayne Hackel and brother to David Hackel of Cocoa, FL and Bob is the husband of Katherine Hackle LaPenna, from Texas. Anna is from North Carolina . 2005 Reunion